Having now finished Frankenstein, (thoroughly enjoyed it. No idea why its taken so long for me to read it), I am now going to read this.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

It’s been on my book shelf for quite a while and i’m reading it now because I want to read it before the film is released.


My first attempt at lemon curd.

It tastes really good. I’m so happy with how it turned out. Perfect consistency and lovely strong flavour.

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Card I made for my friend to congratulate her on the birth of her first baby.

Gorgeous little thing that he is.

I got the idea from the internet and adapted it to suit my own needs and what craft stuff I had. I love those little pegs so was happy to finally be able to use them.

I tried to make it slightly non-gender specific while still making it clear it was for a little boy. I think I succeeded. My friend liked it too which I guess is the main thing.

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so here’s a fun story about this movie. guess who loves this movie? me! i do! i love this movie. i love this movie so much that when i was in the 7th grade and i saw “first wives club 2” on pay per view i was like: HELL YEAH!! FIRST WIVES CLUB TWO!! NO ONE TOLD ME THERE WAS A SEQUEL!!!

here’s the synopsis for first wives club 2:

disgruntled first wives take their ex-husbands’ new lovers under their wing.

sounds great, right? awesome viewing material for a precocious 11-year-old.

so i buy this movie, and like, three minutes into it i’m starting to feel suspicious?? like it’s really low quality and my girls are nowhere in sight?? how come none of the first wives are the same?? how come they’re alone in a bedroom with mood lighting?? why is she taking off her shirt?? why are they both taking off their shirts?? WHY ARE THEY—

here’s what i did not know about first wives club 2:

  • it is a lesbian porno of no relation to the beloved 1996 classic.

so of course i, horrified that i’ve accidentally bought porn on my family’s account (and in that state of panic that kids work themselves into whenever anything regarding sex is mentioned), quickly shut off the TV and go upstairs and watch an episode of veggie tales to like, cleanse my soul and apologize to jesus, and that’s that.


  • you have to pay for pay per view.

so the end of the month comes and i have completely put this incident out of my mind, haha, i accidentally bought porn, how funny, TELL NO ONE. right? and i’m sitting at a nice dinner with my mother, my stepfather, and my very religious aunt deb, and we’re just talking about farm things, whatever, when suddenly my mother puts her fork down and says, “okay, there’s something we need to discuss. as a family.”


and i’m like, running through a list of people i know who could conceivably be dead, and fantasizing about my mother announcing that she’s going to buy me My Own Computer Just Because U Earned It Kiddo, and she pulls out a piece of paper that says DIRECTV across the top. and i’m like: OH NO.

"i received the tv bill today," my mother said, and i was like, shoveling potatoes into my mouth as fast as i could because i knew that when i went to PORN PRISON they weren’t going to feed me this kind of quality starch. "does anybody want to tell me who purchased the pornography?"

as a reminder, a quick table survey:

  • my mother, surprised and disappointed by the porn bill (innocent)
  • my stepfather, a grumbly old cowboy who just wants to sing along to kenny chesney and watch the hunt for red october (innocent)
  • my aunt deb, a super religious catholic whose best friend is a nun named Sister Placid (innocent)
  • me, the 11-year-old with a mouthful of potatoes who definitely purchased the lesbian pornography


my mother said, “i’m not going to ask again.”



my mother shook her head and put the bill down. “this was incredibly inappropriate,” she said. “skip, deb, whoever. buy that shit on your own time. i’m not paying for it. what if molly had seen it?”


"don’t expose my kid to that crap."

  • DON’T
  • MY KID

"if you want to watch porn, fine, but do it in private and don’t expect me to pay for it. i can’t believe one of you did that in the living room."


but molly, why didn’t you own up to it and explain that it was an accident?

  • are you fucking kidding
  • i did not want to go to porn prison

the fun conclusion to this story is that i never owned up to it, which means that there are 3 people in the world who have not solved the mystery of the lesbian porn. a quick survey:

  • my mother, who lives every day wondering whose porn she paid for
  • my stepfather, who probably wishes he knew less about his wife’s sister’s porn preferences
  • my aunt, who probably wishes she knew less about her sister’s husband’s porn preferences

but molly, why don’t you own up to it now, with the safety of time and distance and the knowledge that porn prison isn’t real?

  • are you fucking kidding
  • this is the best thing i’ve ever done

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My current read.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Had this one on the list for quite a while. Enjoying it so far but only one volume in so we’ll see how it goes.

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These are the books I have read so far this year (a couple are rereads). It isn’t many, I hoped to have read more at this point in the year but that’s the way things are. There is also a lot of Michael Morpurgo. It seems this is the year I chose to read Morpurgo (I had only read War Horse previously).

William Sutcliffe is a fantastic author, I would happily recommend his books.

The Theodore Boone books are a great read too.

Honestly though, I have enjoyed all of these books.

Need to pick up the pace though, want to try and make a dent in my reading list (which is around 30 right now) before I can’t resist anymore and buy more books (from my current wish list of over 50 (or possibly something else)).

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Made these for my friends baby shower (only the piped rainbow topped ones were for the shower, I just had too much cake).

They were meant to be blue, but blue is a hard colour to get right in a cake (blue and yellow make green obviously) and I didn’t want to use too much colouring. They were ok though and everyone liked them.

Still need more practice with the piping though.



i get anxious for people who fall asleep on public transit. like where is your home? how many stops have you missed? this was not a time for a nap

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The shows I will be seeing over the next week (well, day ticketing Curious Incident so *fingers crossed* for that one).

All of these shows were brilliant. Had a fantastic week in London (although my feet are still not over it).

After Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which is wonderful, fun and really makes you feel like a kid) the lovely Richard (currently playing Mr Bucket) took me and Claire (theatremagpie) on a backstage tour. I honestly felt like I was 5 years old (all three of us were like children!). Actually being allowed onto the set was brilliant, I can genuinely say I have been in the chocolate factory! Claire has pictures.

There was only 5 of us watching The Devil & Stepashka which was a real shame because it was an absolutely wonderful show. Got to have a really interesting chat with the creative team afterwards.

Ghost Stories was brilliant, really want to go back. Also, nearly gave the girl at the end of our row a heart attack. Unintentionally, but it was funny.

The new cast of Curious Incident are pretty awesome. Saw the alternate Christopher, Abram Rooney (his first act was good but his second act was outstanding) so plan on going back soon to see Graham Butler.

Let The Right One In is a beautiful production. Rebecca Benson and Martin Quinn really work brilliantly together. There are some incredibly well realised moments.

The Crucible is long. Its really good with a really strong cast but I felt every minute of the 3 1/2 hours run time. Maybe if you can afford the more expensive seats it doesn’t feel quite so long. I really enjoyed it though and it was nice to finally see it on stage.

Wonderland was brilliant. Funny, moving and loud. Glad they did the live stream so more people got to see it and I got to watch it again.

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The shows I will be seeing over the next week (well, day ticketing Curious Incident so *fingers crossed* for that one).