Okay, it’s not even noon and I’m officially done with my homework (along with the math quiz, I also had a paragraph to write for Japanese and I had to do some research on realism for my adaptation class).

Sometimes I can be productive

But now I need to figure out what I want to do for the rest…

You need to consider the fact that even when working as a translator you wouldn’t have to do it every spare second, also, you’d be getting paid to do it, which is a wonderful incentive :)

If you just wanted a quick 10 minute break can I recommend this (*shameless plug*)

14 men singing in their underwear? What more could you want on a Sunday afternoon :)

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Propeller interval performance from High Wycombe (30.11.13)

Ended up in a bit of an awkward position for filming this but better then nothing.



Propeller’s Comedy of Errors

Newcastle Theatre Royal

April 1st 2014

Ok, lets give this reviewing thing another go:

Comedy of Errors is one of Shakespeare’s funniest shows. There is definitely a strong argument for it being the funniest, and Propeller’s production does not disappoint, bringing laughs aplenty for the duration. At just over 2 hours (incl. interval) its fast paced and full on. The speed at which the lines were spoken was commented on by someone I spoke to in the audience. More in admiration then annoyance though.

We open in the market place of Ephesus with characters wandering round the stage or through the audience. Pretty certain someone tried to sell one of the people in front of me a time share. Claimed he would get her a good deal.

Once everyone has made their way back to the stage (a bit of coercion may have been required) the play proper began with the arrival of Duke Solinus and Aegeon who has been arrested and is sentenced to death. He regales us with the story of his misfortunes and the loss of one of his sons.

We are then swept up in a series of events caused by mistaken identities. Which Antipholus said this? Which Dromio did that? Luckily, we as the audience are ‘in on it’ as it were. Knowing as we do which is which its still remarkably easy to get caught up in the fun and see why the other characters are so confused.

Dan Wheeler and Joseph Chance are again playing twins after their turn as Sebastian and Viola in last years Twelfth Night. Its easy to see why they have again been cast as identical twins, Antipholus of Syracuse and Antipholus of Ephesus. They work very well together, and while they don’t look anything alike in real life, when they’re on stage you can see it. Both are brilliant in this production and bring a lot of energy to it.

Matt McPherson and Will Featherstone as their long suffering twin servants Dromio of Ephesus and Dromio of Syracuse are excellent. Full of spark and energy and providing performances that are incredibly similar but both stand out. Its easy to see why the other characters would confuse one for the other based on more then just their identical looks.

Arthur Wilson, James Tucker, Matt Pearson and Alasdair Craig take on the female roles. Four very different performances. Four wonderful performances. Matt Pearson giving it the full on Geordie accent as the courtesan had the Geordie audience in stitches, although I do wonder how many thought it was put on for our benefit.

Darrell Brockis as Pinch. Darrell Brockis as Pinch! I had to say that twice because i’m still trying to convince myself that what I saw on stage tonight was real. When I first heard about this casting, months ago, I was really surprised by it but I was equally excited to see it. No matter how excited I was though, I still couldn’t picture it. It was brilliant though, he was the best Pinch i’ve seen. He was full on and funny and will probably provide a particularly strong lasting memory on many of the audience. I know the school group sat in front of me particularly loved him.

Richard Pepper’s officer proposed to some lucky lady in the front row at the end of the interval before roping in everyone else to help with serenading her. He then proposed to another woman in the front row. Naughty, naughty. Although it was his birthday today, so I think we can let him off.

The cast are working doubly hard this year to raise money for Jeans for Genes by singing during the interval of both shows. It’s always great to watch the interval performances and this one was no different. Jeans for Genes is a great charity to support as well, please do support them if you can.

I think this is better then the last review, but still not very good. I’m going in the right direction though, which is always good. I’m seeing this show again on Saturday as well as Dream again so i’ll get a bit more practice then :)



Okay, I promise I won’t post a ton about LND, but I just have a few things I wanted to mention before I forget

- The guy playing Raoul was good. He was noticeably younger than Hamada Megumi though. So sometimes he seemed more like her older son than her husband. I loved his Why Does She Love Me…

I’m glad you enjoyed LND. I have a lot of love for that show (me and a friend have discussed this a lot and much of the characterisation makes sense if you look at in a certain way). Also, the London production was much better then the Australian one (even more so after the changes) imo so I think its a shame they chose to film the Australian one.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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Unpopular opinion time.
I saw the NT production of Coriolanus and didn’t care for it. I really like the play itself, I enjoy Shakespeare immensely and think this play has great potential to be incredibly moving and stimulating, despite not being one of his…

I’ve never seen Coriolanus before so I don’t really have anything to compare it to, which is probably why I can’t really pin point what exactly it was that was missing.

I’ll hopefully get to see it again in the near future (live next time too instead of on screen) and i’ll then be able to compare productions. I’m not one to give up easily on shows, especially Shakespeare, as I know from experience that its not necessarily the play but the production at fault. It was third time lucky for Taming of the Shrew. Took two tries at The Tempest. Still waiting for Julius Caesar to work for me after 2 different productions. So yeah, Coriolanus is still on my, ‘I possibly like it’ list.

I do wonder if they relied too much on the fact the cast was going to sell out the show regardless of how good it actually was. That’s never a good way to work in theatre. I mean, it was sold out before rehearsals had even started, probably even before the ensemble cast had even been confirmed.

Anyway, yeah, it was just nice to know someone else wasn’t on the “OMG it’s amazing” side of things.

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Unpopular opinion time.
I saw the NT production of Coriolanus and didn’t care for it. I really like the play itself, I enjoy Shakespeare immensely and think this play has great potential to be incredibly moving and stimulating, despite not being one of his most renowned works. I really disliked this interpretation of it though.

I partially agree with you. I didn’t so much dislike it, more that I felt it was missing something. I don’t even know what. What I said to my friend right afterwards was ‘it just never took off’.

Anyway, just thought i’d let you know you aren’t alone in your opinion.

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Propeller’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream trailer.


Propeller’s Comedy of Errors trailer.


I said i’d give this reviewing thing a go whenever I saw some Shakespeare, so here we go…

I sat down to watch Propeller’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream again on Saturday night in Salford. First off, the theatre is massive. I was told they averaged audiences of about 1200 a night and it wasn’t a sell out. I was sat in the upper circle and actually had an amazing view. It was nice to see more of an overall picture of the show this time round.

A lot of what I said about my previous visit still rings true.

Joe Chance’s Puck was still perfect. If it is even possible for it to be true I would go so far as to say he was better then last time.

Matthew Pearson is still a wonderfully grumpy moonshine (Starveling), Lewis Hart is still killing it as wall (Snout), Matthew McPherson has made lion (Snug) even more of a scene stealer, David Acton is perfect as Quince (i’m still excited about the glasses! :)) and Alasdair Craig is possibly the most perfect Thisbe (Flute), his timing could not be more spot on. The guy is a comedy genius.

I love how much Matthew McPherson has grown into the part of Hermia. It feels much more natural now then it did and i’m so happy about it.

Arthur Wilson and Richard Pepper as Demetrius and Lysander have decided to upstage Helena and Hermia’s fight by sharing a moment. It’s evolved somewhat since the last time I saw it and I look forward to seeing if it keeps doing so.

Will Featherstone is wonderful as Hippolyta which is, lets be honest, not the easiest part to make interesting and his fairy (I want to say Cobweb? I’m rubbish at remembering which fairy is which) is incredibly funny. All 4 of Titania’s named fairies are. Its nice to see such individual characters from them.

To sum up, everyone is brilliant, everything is funny and the whole world should go see Propeller.

This is less a review and more a long winded ‘OMG they’re awesome!’ post. Sorry about that. In my defense though, I did say I was bad a reviews.

Photo Set









Production photos of Propeller’s Comedy of Errors (taken by Dominic Clemence)


Shame there’s no photo of Alasdair Craig’s amazing legs

I think there is on Facebook. Click the source link and it should take you right to the full set.

You absolute superstar. Many thanks for that!!

No problem. Always like to share the joy of Propeller. I’m always telling people to go see them. Just don’t tell them I said that.
Is it just Comedy you’ve seen or have you seen Dream too?

Seen every production since Shrew in 2006/7 (missed twelfth night - caught it second time round!) so seen comedy and dream twice! They tour to Salford everytime so we usually do a double on the Saturday.

I started going to see them in 2011 but i’ve certainly made up for starting late.

Were you watching Dream last night then?

Yeah dream last night. Comedy the night before.

I was there last night too. I was across seeing The Seagull and thought i’d sneak in an extra Propeller viewing, I mean, how could I not. They were on form last night.

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